Bloglight Savings: W..h..a..t.. S..t..e..r..o..i..d..s?

• CELEBSTONER finds a great doctored video of Roger Clemens’s famous HGH denial.

• BLOGGING THE BOYS ruminates on Julius Jones leaving the Cowboys to sign with the Seahawks.

George Karl calls shenanigans on the Pau Gasol trade, quoth LARRY BROWN SPORTS.

• MVN OUTSIDER chronicles (Lil’) Romeo Miller’s peculiar basketball scholarship for USC.

Lil' Romeo Miller plays basketball for USC

• STEROID NATION reminds us that Marion Jones’s sentencing began yesterday.

BASEBALL MUSINGS finds an interview in TIME MAGAZINE with Bill James, and what rule changes he’d implement if he were commissioner of baseball.

• INSIDE UCLA gets an official explanation of the controversial foul in the Bruins’ game against Stanford.