BlogJam: OSU Better with Bedazzler than Football

  • BUSTED COVERAGE has photographic evidence that there are plenty of OSU fans who are quietly returning to Columbus today.

OSU Fans Bedazzler Bra

  • INGAMENOW rates the “Best Beards in Sports.” Shockingly, Brady Quinn’s girlfriend was not including.
  • FANHOUSE informs us that Fox’s experiment with “Team Oriented Analysts” looks to have been scrapped before it started.Brian Billick has been doing a lot more Redskins stuff than he should under the rules.”
  • ESPN wouldn’t assign Purdue alum Bob Griese to a Purdue game, would they? Okay, but he wouldn’t wave the flag or anything like that? Right. (Video via BRAHSOME after the jump.)

  • Mets fans don’t seem too sad to see Shea Stadium go, but Larry “Chipper” Jones sure is getting sentimental and THE HOT FOOT is tired of hearing about it.
  • THE SPORTING BLOG checks in on the Chiefs’ QB platoon project.
  • KALLAS REMARKS says no Brady no Problem for the Patriots.
  • NESW SPORTS discovers that Charlie Weis doesn’t need a defensive end blocked into his blind-side to fall in EA Sports College Football.