Bloginalia: The Rog Is Cleaning Up Nicely

CNBC’S DARREN ROVELL documents the otherworldly haul of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s good to be king.

Roger Goodell

SMALL WHITE BALL has a recap of Christian Okoye and “Thunder” Dan Majerle in Pros vs. Joes. Okoye certainly didn’t look like this.

THE SPORTING BLOG found somebody enjoying themselves, at least before they saw “Semi-Pro.”

THE HOCKEY NEWS presents the 10 best names in hockey. Heh, Bear Trapp. Can they crack the Name of the Year tournament at some point?

THE 700 LEVEL salivates over the possibility of Randy Moss coming to Philadelphia and what a monster kiss off it would be to the Patriots.

EPIC CARNIVAL has 11 reasons why Wrigley Field can’t change its name. Ruining the opening of “Perfect Strangers” conspicuously absent.