Bloggie Doggie: Even Erin Couldn’t Save The Bee

Erin Andrews was supposed to sexify the National Spelling Bee, but THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS says that didn’t happen.

Erin Andrews gets the pageviews

(If I didn’t share a picture of her, you wouldn’t have paid attention to this post.)

• Player access? What problem with player access? The NEW YORK TIMES’ Tyler Kepner gets an impromptu crash course on sweet spot hitting from Orioles slugger Luke Scott.

Don Walker of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL’s BUCKS BLOG wonders if there’s a discrepancy between the Bucks reported revenue and the actual revenue.

• THE LEAKY BRAIN is seeding the hottest NCAA softball players.

• Leave it to the frighteningly brilliant minds at THE DUGOUT to analyze a 1988 commercial for Nintendo’s RBI Baseball.

• OUT OF LEFT FIELD catches a rather blatant on-air sexual remark toward Maria Sharapova at the French Open:

Maria Sharapova at French Open

(”Both players dealing with blowing clay…out there, there is a guy named Clay saying ‘YES!’ “)

• THE MONEY SHOT is fairly sure that Grady Sizemore is “the most overrated player in baseball.”

• JUST ANOTHER CRAZY STORY FROM UTAH is excited about the possibility of his Utes to play at Notre Dame. (Easy win?)