Bloggers vs. MSM: Quiz Bowl Is The Only Solution

• Inspired by very special “Saved By The Bell” episode, Clay Travis of CBS SPORTS suggest sports bloggers & the mainstream media end their feud once & for all with a quiz bowl showdown.

Buzz Bissinger Will Leitch Saved By The Bell

(Buzz Bissinger & Will Leitch butt heads in a Battle of Brawny Brains! With special guest referee - Mr. Belding! [OK, maybe not.])

• THE 700 LEVEL proudly presents pics of “The People’s Champ” Freddie Mitchell living it up royally among some female subjects.

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE is happy to share all the things Doc Rivers did wrong in Game 3.

• HOME RUN DERBY is so bored with the San Francisco Giants, they’d rather spend their time at AT&T Park watching the wind try to tip over a full beer.

• How convenient: ESPN moves along news that the still-Seattle Sonics’ new Developmental League affiliate will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

• TRUE HOOP misses the days when the player-slash-coach roamed the court & sidelines.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS recommends that Barack Obama fill out his V.P. ticket with fellow basketballer-turned-politico Bill Bradley.

Cameron Martin of RED SOX BLOG takes Bill Simmons’ side in The Sports Guy’s ongoing feud with Rick Reilly.

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