Blogger Flash Warner Fries Commentators Bloviating Over Baller Bigot Hardaway

BALLIN’ BIGOT BLOVIATORS FLASH (WARNER) FRIED: As apnea-inducing commentators bloviate over the ballin’ bigot (Tim Hardaway), Flash Warner clears the din with simple, well-reasoned analysis.

Superman Tim Hardaway With Pillow Biter

She notes Timmah took an “ironic stance for a bloke named Hardaway with crossover “skeels” that spent six years in the Bay Area before choosing to live every year since in South Beach…

Tim and Yolanda Hardaway

… a homophobe deciding on the gay capitals of America as the best places to live and work makes about as much sense as a neo-Nazi seeking out the good life in Skokie, Illinois… Judging by the looks of his wife, you really couldn’t blame him.