Blogga-Knockin’: Kardashian’s Full Frontal Attack

THE BIG LEAD has the photo find of the year (ok, maybe not) of Kim Kardashian (bottom - of course - item):

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photo Halloween With Blonde

• MISTER IRRELEVANT introduces us to the Washington Wizards’ “White Hole (no, it’s not Marion Berry’s nasal cavity).

• The NEW YORK POST has a sign the Yanks are about to move:

Yankee Stadiujm

• WITH LEATHER reveals Roy Jones’ resistance at wearing a Ron Paul tattoo for his fight tonight against Felix Trinidad.

Roy Jones Rooster Ron Paul Tattoo Withleather

Spencer Hall of THE SPORTING BLOG reveals the retarded Fox robots “can dance better than most humans not named Deion Sanders.”

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS has Today’s Matt Lauer pushing Sly Stallone to the edge about HGH.

Rocky Horror Show: Stallone's Plastic Surgery

• BALL HYPE has the real reason for Sidney Crosby’s ankle tweak: Those damn (SI) kids!

Sidney Crosby SI For Kids Jinx

• SKATE 2 STICK on a cool concept from the Detroit Red Wings: A father-son road trip.

• DEADSPIN’S Unsilent Majority unmasks Bobby Fischer for the absolute kook he was .

• YARDBARKER has the flabbergasting news that the most recent accuser of Randy Moss really, really needs money.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK has a teevee preview of Packers-Giants with Mike Florio (no Fox and CBS studio clowns, we promise).

• FAN IQ has Bill Callahan’s mushy landing - in the swamplands of New Jersey (Hello Paul Hackett!).