Bloganalia: Rick Reilly Can Forget That Oscar

FANHOUSE shows that movie critics cite the weakness of Rick Reilly’s pet project “Leatherheads” being, actually, Rick Reilly.

• THE TIMES takes a moment to remind us of the origins of the Olympic Torch relay: Hitler.

• WITHLEATHER has the response from Formula One president Max Mosley about the Nazi hooker video.

• The CHARLOTTE SUN-HERALD brings news that single-season touchback kicking king John Hall has opened his own sports bar. You’ll be expected to take a knee before eating.

• THE SEATTLE TIMES runs an AP story exploring whether cricket could be America’s next great pastime. Quick answer: No. Saves time on writing vapid trend stories.

• WSAZ in West Virginia has the story and video about an adult football fantasy camp at Marshall with alums Troy Brown, Chad Pennington and Mike Bartrum. Pennington will show you how to float a ball like a champ.

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