Update: Miami Herald Backs Off From Vick Report

The Michael Vick-sighted-in-Foxboro saga continues: Jeff Darlington of the MIAMI HERALD has fallen on his sword, retracting an earlier report that Michael Vick had been spotted working out for the Patriots today. The Patriots are also confirming that Vick was not there.

Michael Vick chew toy

After other reliable sources said it wasn’t true, Darlington backed off. During a week when New England is rolling out their new mechanical Tom Brady at the beginning of training camp, and with the region still reeling from the Manny/David Ortiz doping news, this would have come as another shock to the system. And at least one Patriot fan is not happy about it (see above).

Darlington quoted “a reliable NFL source” on the Vick sighting, which comes on a day in which rumors began flying that Vick was sighted at Logan International.

What is known for certain is that the Patriots so far are the NFL team that has seemed the most receptive to bringing on Vick. Bill Belichick said he “wouldn’t rule out” a deal, and Rodney Harrison is on record saying that Vick would be a good fit for the team. And PRO FOOTBALL TALK said earlier today that they’ve been getting several tips that Vick is in Boston. PFT has been going back-and-forth on the reported sighting all afternoon.

All of this comes a day after Vick said he was “getting closer” to finding an NFL team (John Clayton disagrees with this).

As a reader points out, Vick was in court in Virginia on Thursday, and presumably today, for a hearing on his bankruptcy case. But that makes for a relatively short flight to Boston.

The most humorous take on this whole situation so far, however, as been from FOX SPORTS football writer John Czarnecki. I can only surmise he was serious when he wrote on Thursday that Vick would be unlikely to sign with the Patriots because: “I visited Boston last month and, boy, do they love their dog parks. That might not make for the best environment for Vick.”

Anyway, Brady is back, and he’s always good for a few laughs. When asked on Thursday if wife Gisele Bundchen is indeed pregnant, he refused to confirm it, invoking of all people David Ortiz.

“I heard Big Papi say, ’I don’t have all the information,”’ Brady said. “I don’t have all the facts and it hasn’t been researched enough.”

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