Blog Report: Denver Broncos Fire Mike Shanahan

The NATIONAL FOOTBALL POST is reporting this afternoon that Mike Shanahan has been fired.

Mike Shanahan

Breaking News: Shanahan Out In Denver
The National Football Post has just been informed that Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan and his coaching staff have been fired. More on this story as it develops.

The website has been offline in spurts since posting the news, probably due to an onrush of traffic.

UPDATE: The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS confirms the story, and has a statement from Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen.

“After giving this careful consideration, I have concluded that a change in our football operations is in the best interests of the Denver Broncos,” Bowlen said in a statement. “This is certainly a difficult decision, but one that I feel must be made and which will ultimately be in the best interests of all concerned.”

Bowlen added, “I appreciate the 21 years that Mike Shanahan has given to the organization as an assistant and head coach, and the two Super Bowl wins in that time. His contributions hold a special place in Broncos history.”

Good move by Bowlen. However painful, needed to be done.

It’s also nice to know that poor old Al Davis has a little kick in his walker today.  But you wonder if this now means Shanahan, with some free time on his hands, will go after the money Alzheimer Al still owes him. Hey, maybe Shanahan can file a class-action suit with Lane Kiffin!

It’s shocking that Chris Mortensen didn’t *confirm* the blog site’s news first. Apparently this time ESPN PAs did not fan out throughout Bristol, canvassing all the tanning salons where Mort could’ve been holed up. (Or is it the spray-on stuff from Walgreens?)