Blog-On-Blog Action: 36-28-38? Only If She’s 5-3

ON 205th tells us that the American Gladiators winner used to be a dancer for the Blazers. They also tell us Monica Carlson’s measurements, for good measure.

Gladiator hottie

THE SONS OF STEVE GARVEY wonder what happened to SI’s photography, post-Rick Reilly. It makes sense when you read it.

THE FANHOUSE notes that Matt Millen has been on the business end at the NFL Combine so far.

DEADSPIN has an awesome Belichick sweatshirt video.

DODGERFAN notes that Orel Hershiser is going all-in with poker.

THE SPORTING NEWS has a good read about the hypocrisy of the NCAA when it comes to casino money.

BUGS AND CRANKS has video of the Phillies’ new ad campaign, which includes a spoof of Reservoir Dogs. We’re supposed to be ****ing professionals!

WICKED GOOD SPORTS wonders about a long-term deal for Manny Ramirez.