Blog-O-Rama: Tempting Tennis Babes Down Under

• THE ANGRY T won’t be faulted for serving up these Aussie Open hotties.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open

• Staying Down Under, BUSTED COVERAGE discovers Maria Sharapova’s dad is the Unabomber.

• SPORTS MEDIA JOURNAL looks at how the local newsies in the Big Apple and Beantown are psyching up for the Big Game.

• Speaking of, WITH LEATHER knows it’s just not the Super Bowl without Carlos Mencia.

Carlos Mencia

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC needs your vote in deciding the greatest sports liar: Pete Rose or Barry Bonds?

• “Coming to America” predicted a Giants victory over the Packers. Now, THE SPORTS LODGE discovers that the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend” may have already predicted a Pats win in Arizona over New York.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA snaps the rarest of sights - Tom Coughlin smiling:

Tom Coughlin smiling

• AOL FANHOUSE shoots up news that the fans will help decide who wins this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

• However, Russ Bengtson of SLAM ONLINE doesn’t care who wins - or who’s even on the All-Star squad.

• CRACKED (via SI’s HOT CLICKS) is afraid to come off the bench, as they break out these five wimpiest sports injuries.

Bill Gramatica

• RUMORS AND RANTS believes if Bud Selig can get a contract extension, why not these guys?

• THE LOVE OF SPORTS puts together their own celebrity fantasy football team.