Blog-O-Rama: Tee Up Some Fun With Golf Lingerie

• GOLF BABES tees up the latest fashions we hope to soon see Natalie Gulbis & Anna Rawson sporting - golf lingerie.

golf lingerie

• SI’s Arash Markazi understands Emmitt Smith doesn’t like Ocho Cinco’s plans to smooch the Cowboys’ star: “He can kiss the star anytime he wants, but not after scoring a touchdown. I have a problem with that.”

• Not to be outdone by Jamie Apody, YOU BEEN BLINDED pours out a clip of Manny Ramirez getting a female Fox reporter all wet.

• PLAYING THE FIELD needs some help with their pigskin picks. So they go to someone who knows all about skin - a guy who works at Victoria’s Secret. In the meantime, we’ll go ask the models.

• THE 700 LEVEL shares their birds-eye view of the Phillies’ Game 2 beatdown of the Brewers.

• Here’s one way to sell a house in Hawaii: “Watch Michelle Wie practice her swing from your home!”

Mark Cuban’s brother Brian uses his blog to make a funny about last night’s VP debate.

• In related news, SPORTABLE bounces along some photoshop fun featuring the GOP mavericks in their correct gear.