Blog-O-Rama: Taking The “Rec” Out Of Rec Specs

  • JOE SPORTS FAN eyes this eye protection aficionado rocking two pairs of Rec Specs.

    Rec Specs

  • George Brett was a coke head? BUGS AND CRANKS notes that ESPN’s Rob Neyer thought the coverage of the 25-year anniversary of the “Pine Tar Game” was a great time to suggest that Brett, who he calls “one of the hardest partiers in the midwest,” used cocaine.
  • THE BIG LEAD gives us the scoop that U.S. Olympic track star Lolo Jones may be stealing from Chad Johnson’s playbook.
  • AWFUL ANNOUNCING informs us that the real star of last night’s MLS All-Star game was ESPN’s Rob Stone and his sidekick “Bitchy the Hawk.” Video after the jump.

  • THE SPORTS CULTURE decodes the gang signs of Brandon Jennings. Is that “W” the Compton native is throwing up for “West Coast” or “Wow! I just pissed a lot of people off by choosing to go to Rome to play instead of the University of Arizona”?
  • Speaking of basketball overseas, INTERBASKET breaks down the possibility of Cleveland Cavs guard Delonte’ West leaving the NBA for Moscow
  • FIRE JOE MORGAN breaks down Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless’ breakdown of The Dark Knight. Every film critic in America was impressed by the late Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker - Bayless, not so much.