Blog-O-Rama: Shaq Bringing So Much To Phoenix

• FAN IQ reveals that Shaq is bringing so much more than just basketball skills to the citizens of Phoenix.

Shaquille O'Neal Suns

• AZ SPORTS HUB bears down word that Arizona coach Mike Stoops called Arizona State a “junior college“.

• THE 700 LEVEL finds Dwayne Wade & Rodney Carney trading back-to-back in-your-face dunks.

• First it was PTI. Then it was ABC. Now the BOSTON HERALD is in desperate need of proofreaders:

Boston Herald nonsensical headline

• Even with the pursuit of perfection going “poof!”, GOSSIP ON SPORTS knows it’s still good to be Tom Brady.

• RIVALFISH takes a quick peek at a day in the life of recently retired Bob Knight.

• And if that routine gets old, 100% INJURY RATE agrees that Knight can always accept that job offer from TNA wrestling.

Bobby Knight

• MAC G’s WORLD tells Illini fans to get over the Eric Gordon snub.

• DEADSPIN has the sneaky tale of one lucky Giants fan.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY discovers one Miami Hurricanes recruit who’s a real birdbrain:

Miami Hurricanes recruit birdbrain

• The HOUSTON CHRONICLE has the sad news of a former Houston Oiler accidentally shooting himself to death.

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS salutes a real Super Bowl Sunday hero - a drunk-driving woman with a 1-year-old sliding around the back seat, but a case of beer safely buckled up front.

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