Blog-O-Rama: SbB Girls Used in LSU Propaganda

• YARDBARKER wonders who would have the nerve to photoshop the SbB Girls for their own nefarious needs:

SbB Girls Brittany & Jessica used as LSU photoshop

A warning to consumers: Don’t accept imitations. Demand the real thing.

• JOE SPORTS FAN breaks down the fan-cy of sporting event signs.

• FARK’s Drew Curtis gives his thoughts on the new “American Gladiators“.

• CONSTRUDA catches Giants lineman Osi Umeniyora making out with Victoria’s Secret Model Selita Ebanks:

Selita Ebanks Victoria's Secret Model

Funny, we thought she was a Patriots fan.

• AZ SPORTS HUB learns that Steve Nash knows how to live.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC seeks the truth in finding sports’ greatest liar.

• DC SPORTS BOG discovers the hair-raising secret of how Marcus Pollard keeps track of his team & uniform number:

Marcus Pollard hair

• You though the game shows were weird: THE BEAUTIFUL GAME presents the interesting way penalty kicks are performed in Japan.

• NOW IN CHICAGO uncovers the lone AP voter who dared not to cast his NFL MVP ballot for Tom Brady.

• Speaking of the Pats’ golden boy, POPSUGAR spots Tommy taking a bite out the Big Apple with his latest squeeze:

Tom Brady Gisele NYC Kobe Club

• PART MULE bids a fond(?) farewell to the retiring Warren Sapp.

• STORMING THE FLOOR tries to break the spell of World of Warcraft sponsoring ACC basketball telecasts.