Blog-O-Rama: SalesGenie Super Bowl Ad Racist?

• MJD of YAHOO SPORTS growls about one Super Bowl ad panda-ring to offensive stereotypes:

Super Bowl ad Chinese panda

• In a similar vein, PYLE OF LIST brings up their choices of 9 racist moments in sports history.

• TOWEL ROAD points out Sunday’s game wasn’t just for Giants and Pats supporters, but also for Bears fans.

• RIZZO SPORTS BLOG tosses a few questions at Arizona’s stunning softball pitcher, Taryne Mowatt:

Taryne Mowatt

• AOL FANHOUSE reads up on some Amazon users having some fun tagging the Pats’ karma-killing 19-0 book.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH digests the trials of Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani’s great escape.

• RUMORS & RANTS compares Elishas - QB Manning vs. cutie Cuthbert.

Eli Manning Elisha Cuthbert

• Speaking of Eli, WGSO-AM in New Orleans learns the Giants signal-caller is ready to go back to the Big Game - even against his big brother.

• THE WADE BLOGS forsees a psychic hotline in the future for Plaxico Burress.

• UNRELATED PATTERS reels in news that Hulk Hogan is the new face of fantasy fishing.

Hulk Hogan shopping at Wal-Mart

• Clip ‘n’ save for next year: MODERATELY CEREBRAL BIAS presents the five types of Super Bowl party guests.

• ALL THINGS PHILLY SPORTS hikes news that the Ravens may not want Donovan McNabb after all.