Blog-O-Rama: Reggie Bush Approves Kim’s Moves

  • Kim Kardashian tells PEOPLE.COM that boyfriend Reggie Bush got a sneak preview of her performance prior to dancing with the Pussycat Dolls Friday night via iChat. Bush approved her moves, outfit and asked her to videotape the show, unfortunately Kim’s videographer Ray J was unavailable.
  • Kim Kardashian Pussycat Doll

  • Expect a population boom in Italy. THE BIG LEAD informs us that power forward and father of many bastard children Shawn Kemp has struck a deal with Premiata Montegranaro.
  • Speedo’s LZR swimsuit is making records shatter and breasts disappear, TIMES ONLINE investigates.
  • WTOP attempts to eat the Michael Phelps’ breakfast. Video after the jump.

  • FANHOUSE informs us that we may have seen the last of Tom Glavine
  • COLD HARD FOOTBALL FACTS ranks NFL franchises based on the amount of missery that their fanbase has had to withstand. The Arizona Cardinals and their fanbase of one known fan (Will Leitch) rank 32 of 32.
  • DEADSPIN takes a look inside the Woody Allen-heavy DVD collection of Raiders’ punt returner Chris Carr.
  • PUNK ON DECK breaks down the musical selection of Mets’ rookie Daniel Murphy.