Blog-O-Rama: Presenting The Next Erin Andrews

• MR. IRRELEVANT exposes Allie LaForce, a former Miss Ohio & the next Erin Andrews:

Allie LaForce

Oh, and the current Erin Andrews:

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

Why, she even has her own website up & running! (Which appears to have bee left idle since 2005. Maybe Dan Patrick checks this site everyday, too.)

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING hears that Bob Costas is none too pleased about HBO canceling “Inside the NFL”.

• BILLBOARD is Keeping The Faith that Billy Joel will perform the last-ever concert at Shea Stadium.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS slams word that the (formerly Ultimate) Warrior just can’t let Heath Ledger’s death go.

• Not to be outdone by Topps showing Rudy rooting with the Red Sox, THE BIZ OF BASEBALL unwraps news of Upper Deck coming out with their own presidential cards:

Bush Gore Knoblauch baseball card

• TSN bounces over the revelation that the Toronto Raptors have had enough holdouts to not fill a starting line-up.

• THE 700 LEVEL scores this tribute to former Flyers goalie Ron Hextall.

• The LADIES… are actually glad to see Dickie V back behind the mic.

• Next stop, Vegas: The TYLER (TX) MORNING TELEGRAPH is happy to announce that a 90-year-old woman won the paper’s Super Bowl contest, by predicting the correct final score & coming within 17 yards of the final game yardage.

• UNCOMMON SPORTSMAN wonders if the Lingerie Bowl keeps getting canceled, why start a whole Lingerie Football League?

• CRASHBURN ALLEY could sit & listen to Harry Kalas all day.