Blog-O-Rama: Phillies Land Pitcher With Hot Wife

• PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY is excited about the arrival of Anna Benson to the Philly area. Also, some guy named Kris Benson will be pitching for the Phillies as well.

Anna Benson

• THE BUFFALO NEWS is happy to report that Richard Zednik, who also has a pretty hot wife, has been released from the hospital.

• I’ve been saying it for years and finally someone has proven it — the AP reports that Derek Jeter is the worst defensive shortstop in baseball.

• Ever wonder why NFL coaches keep making the same dumb mistakes? GELF MAGAZINE answers all your questions.

• WWL AM 870 lets us know that Notre Dame is negotiating to play a home game at the Louisiana Superdome.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has his car impounded and his spoiler taken away, says NASCAR.COM.

• I’m no body language expert, but I think AWFUL ANNOUNCING wants us to know that Sean Williams thinks LaMarcus Aldridge is No. 1.

• LE BASKETBAWL has done the research you were always too lazy to do and has come up with the six worst hairstyles in the NBA.

• Ever wonder what Herschel Walker will be buried in? EVERYDAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY has something he could use.

• The Raptors’ Jamario Moon has come a long way to reach the Slam Dunk Contest.

• AOL FANHOUSE has your NBA Hall of Fame finalists.