Blog-O-Rama: Ivan Calderon Has A Worthless Card

JOE SPORTS FAN calls up their Worthless Card Collection once again. Next at the plate: Ivan Calderon.

Ivan Calderon

THE 700 LEVEL cashes in news that Ryan Howard won his arbitration case.

100% INJURY RATE learned something today, as the Australian Football League has released an instructional video telling its players how to treat women.

Pretty bad scene for Duke last night. And MR. IRRELEVANT tosses up the worst of it all: DeMarcus Nelson’s free throw hitting nothing but air.

But Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG reveals that Miami’s upset win was painful for at least one Hurricanes fan (watch upper right of screen):

GOING FIVE HOLE supports the construction of a Swiss arena that looks like an athletic cup.

LARRY BROWN SPORTS puts their foot down, as Mets GM Omar Minaya got both Johan Santana and a new pair of Prada shoes.

STEROID NATION sadly reports that the illegal drug has now worked its way into another cherished sport: bobsledding.

The NEW YORK POST posts this headline - “Torre: ‘Roids Are Tempting“:

New York Post Joe Torre Roids Are Tempting

Does Joe plan to do a lot of sitting on the Dodgers’ bench this season?

THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE worries what kind of trade deadline deals Isiah Thomas has in mind.

WE ARE SC gives you a chance to poke Pete Carroll.

JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDIA looks at the student media trying to get all-access to college players.