Blog-O-Rama: Greg Oden Sells Himself Quite Well

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS would buy anything Greg Oden was selling, based on his performance in this ESPN The Magazine ad:

• CRASHBURN ALLEY draws up news of John Kruk appearing on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force“.• TIRICO SUAVE has some suggestions for anyone thinking of starting up a Dana Jacobson-inspired sports blog.

• WAGGLE ROOM swings over news that the Australian Women’s Open is in financial trouble.

Maria Sharapova Ana Ivanovic glamor shots

Maybe they should take a cue from the other Aussie Women’s Open.

• DC SPORTS BOG takes a hair-raising look at the Patriots’ playoff beards.

• METS BLOG is overjoyed with the arrival of Johan Santana, while BABES LOVE BASEBALL is sad to see him leave Minnesota.

• As bad as it might seem for Twins fans, BUGS & CRANKS counters that it could be worse - such as being a Pirates fan.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS comes across this clip of a young Ryan Seacrest busting his TV chops - by hosting American Gladiators for Kids:

• RUMORS AND RANTS tells the NFL, “Leave Pete Carroll Alone!

• BUSTED COVERAGE digs up a classic shot of Brett Favre grabbing his package at the Pro-Am.

Brett Favre grabbing self at golf tournament

He’s probably thinking about the Sharapova-Ivanovic photo shown above.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA prepares you for the remaining week of Super Bowl office talk.

• COSELLOUT argues that Giants kickers Lawrence Tynes was one missed FG away from Bill Buckner status.