Blog-O-Rama: Dennis Raking In Green After Rant

Darren Rovell of CNBC shouts out word that Dennis Green’s “They were who we thought they were” rant has become quite the cash cow for the ex-Cardinals coach.

Dennis Green and Clifford

Maybe Mike Gundy can make the same kind of mad moolah.

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• DEADSPIN gets Hollywood on the phone, as former NBA big man Mark Eaton has a screenplay to sell.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING passes along news that ESPN apparently thinks that the Minnesota Vikings will be spending all of 2008 at Lambeau Field.

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• Meanwhile, MR. IRRELEVANT offers up another quizzical conundrum: Is it OK to wear an NFL jersey while watching an NFL game?

• BUSTED COVERAGE wants to know how this guy was able to score a Tennessee Titans cheerleader.