Blog-O-Rama: Daniel Synder Is Al Davis Version 2.0

• SIGNAL TO NOISE believes Redskins owner Dan Snyder is the second coming of Al Davis.

Dan Snyder Al Davis

• Darren Rovell of CNBC bets how many times Peyton Manning’s name will be invoked at the Super Bowl.

• Meanwhile, BRAHSOME gambles on what tunes will be in Tom Petty’s halftime repetoire.

• BULLZ-EYE dribbles up a nice chat with Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters.

• WITH LEATHER gets an eyeful of Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner posing nude.

Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner poses nude

• AOL FANHOUSE learns Gilbert Arenas is a big fan of Will Leitch’s new book.

• Michael Smith of ESPN rings up some stories behind certain Super Bowl jewelry.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE isn’t amused when Hines Ward whines hard about disrespect.

• JOE SPORTS FAN would have been happy to spell-check this Pats fan’s Roosevelt Colvin jersey.

Roosevelt Colvin Patriots misspelled jersey

• Meanwhile, PART MULE finds some New England fans getting ahead of themselves by already selling 19-0 t-shirts.

• HOME RUN DERBY takes a vow, as Twins player Justin Morneau finally found someone to share his new $80 million with.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED has the arresting story of would-be bank robbers trying to fool the cops with their sports-related code.

• All this, for a trip to El Paso: LOSER WITH SOCKS follows Dennis Dixon as he plays tour guide for the snazzy Oregon football facilities.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS passes over news of a college soccer head coach caught trying to score with a 13-year-old.• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES doesn’t feel too great in outlining these five levels of sports fan depression.• STORMING THE FLOOR recaps the college b-ball week that was.