Blog-O-Rama: Clemens Back With Astros - Sort Of

• The ASSOCIATED PRESS tosses news that Roger Clemens has been invited to join the Astros - at one of their pitching camps.

Roger Clemens Houston Astros banner

• Speaking of comebacks, Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett is coming out with book in February.

• 100% INJURY RATE studies the evolution of football video games.

• For your viewing pleasure, here’s another enjoyable episode of ‘Blog Show‘, with your hosts, Jamie Mottran and Dan Steinberg.

• INSIDE USC knows there won’t be many pleasantries exchanged when Pete Carroll & Norm Chow meet next season.• AOL FANHOUSE doesn’t feel safe at home, as Don Mattingly is stepping down from the Dodgers staff to take care of “family matters.”

• MLS star BOBBY BOSWELL captures a woman getting her groove on at LAX (not the club, the actual airport).

• CROOKDNOSE of FOX SPORTS doesn’t get all the admiration for Philip Rivers’ painful playing.

• The SALT LAKE TRIBUNE sadly shushes news that an extreme skier was extremely killed during filming.

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers doesn’t like it when Lakers fans boo Kwame Brown.

Flea Kwame Brown

• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES compares college b-ball stars to the cast of ‘90210′.

• GOING FIVE HOLE skates over their choices for the best NHL All-Star jerseys - and conversely, the worst.