Blog-O-Rama: Adriana Lima Dating Some T-Wolf

• LE BASKETBAWL finds at least one winner on the 10-39 T-Wolves, as Marko Jaric is apparently dating Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima:

Adriana Lima Marko Jaric

• SOCCERLENS focuses in on the real goal for a successful World Cup in South Africa - legalizing prostitution.

Jason Whitlock of the KANSAS CITY STAR wants his March Madness now, as he’s bored with the college b-ball regular season.

• THE BIG LEAD is rooting for Dudley Hart to win the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, considering he missed a lot of golf time caring for his lung cancer-stricken wife.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE suggests that if the Olympic discus toss doesn’t thrill you, why not try the live-goat-into-the-lions’-den toss?

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK proposes that new Redskins coach Jim Zorn might just be keeping the wigwam warm for Bill Cowher.

Jim Zorn Bill Cowher

• FOOD COURT LUNCH shoots a verbal round with the Phil-anthropic Mickelson.

Adrian Peterson won a new car! (Oh, and he was named Pro Bowl MVP, too.)

• Meanwhile, KID CLEVELAND thinks Derek Anderson deserves a Yugo for his Pro Bowl performance.

• Phil Fritz from THE MADISON (WI) CAPITAL TIMES reports that Michigan is now off Terrelle Pryor’s short list.