Blog-O-Rama: A Few Words From Bobby Knight

• In recognition of Bobby Knight’s termination at Texas Tech, AOL FANHOUSE comes across these classic quips from the General:

• Meanwhile, BOILED SPORTS tries to explain why Knight’s leaving Lubbock.• DAMN I’M CUTE believes Tara Reid was pleased with Sunday’s outcome, since she supposedly said at a Super Bowl party in Italy:,”F— Tom Brady! I hope the Giants win.

• ANGRY BACKHAND grabs a shot of a tennis coach feeling good at the Fed Cup:

Fed Cup tennis coach cops a feel

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE quietly recounts an evening at Madison Square Garden.

• HOME RUN DERBY reminds baseball voters which teams presidential politicos are pulling for.

• GOLF.COM serves up a gallery of gorgeous golfer Natalie Gulbis taking a bite out of the Big Apple for Fashion Week.

Natalie Gulbis

• THE ASSIMILATED NEGRO wonders if Stuart Scott just called Brandon Jacobs a “big ol’ country negro” (10 seconds in).

• And BALLSIEST is concerned that Terry Bradshaw dropped an f-bomb at Howie Long (51 seconds in).

• SLAM ONLINE talks hoops with sideline superstar Erin Andrews.

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

• WALK OFF BALK bounces over news that Air Jordan is grounded with harassment issues.

• BUGS & CRANKS notes that a new contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers isn’t going to keep Andruw Jones from practicing with the Braves.