Blog-O-Licious: Housing Crisis Hits Ballers, Too

Some links from all around as I sweat out the California heat wave without A/C:

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK divulges that Adam “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones is defaulting on the mortgage on his Tennessee home.

Pacman Jones' home

(This bedroom is part of the home that could be yours if you show up at the courtroom auction.)

• Mr. Jones is not alone on the real estate issues front, as THE BIG LEAD writes on the California real-estate company that’s on the down and out after getting investments from jocks like Matt Light, Roy Halladay, and Vladimir Guerrero.

• The IRISH BAND OF BROTHERS discovers Notre Dame is having some issues finding an alum willing to take on its vacant athletic director position. (Duties include keeping Charlie Weis’ chocolate fountain flowing at all times.)

• Gotta love Redskins TE Chris Cooley – via his COOLEY ZONE blog, he lets us in on his upcoming Eastern Motors ad, and is even looking for nicknames to use in the ad, too.

• POSTING AND TOASTING gets the inside scoop on Knicks forward Renaldo Balkman’s customized ride.

• UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL raises a red card for this bit of a female Cambridge student going all Zizou after losing a jelly wrestling match. File under: “Things you do when England doesn’t even make Euro 2008.”

Paulsen at SPORTS MEDIA WATCH comes up with a surprising amount of good things to say in a review of ABC/ESPN’s NBA coverage from the past season.

• Via RED SOX MONSTER, we now know that Paul Pierce is not “The Truth” when it comes to throwing out the first pitch at a game.