Blog Jam: T.O. and Ocho Cinco in Argyle Sweaters

  • In honor of the movie, FAN SIDED BLOGS has compiled 10 NFL “Step Brother” combos it would love to see. Even the blockbuster combo of Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens wouldn’t have had a shot against The Dark Knight at the box office.

Step Brothers

  • FANHOUSE takes a field trip to Indianapolis to get an upclose look at Jimmy Johnson’s win at the Brickyard 400.
  • If you enjoy watching children fail, CRACKED has a break down of the 5 Most Ridiculously Unfair Kids Game Shows
  • THE 700 LEVEL discovers Harry Caray is alive and well…thanks to Atlanta Braves reliever Will Ohman. Video after the jump.

  • For all the gamblers in the house, IN GAME NOW goes over the NFL futures. The odds of the Green Bay Packers & Brett Favre are a lot better than the odds of the Green Bay Packers going to the Super Bowl - 25/1.
  • ICETHETICS provides us with a description of the new 18 alternate third jerseys of the NHL. Number of Atlanta Thrashers’ sweaters: 3 - number of Atlanta Thrashers’ fans: 1.
  • TV BY THE NUMBERS informs us that “America’s Most Wanted” nearly doubled the ratings of the Kimbo Slice-less Elite XC card on Saturday night.
  • JOE SPORTS FAN investigates the legacy of the sports video game villain.