Blog Jam: Terrible Sports Tattoos Mark The Spot

• GIBBS12 needles us with their choices of the worst sports tattoos.

Clemson spelled Clemons tattoo

(Who says tattoo artists need a spellchecker - right, Clemson?)

• Boo! WITH LEATHER follows some frightened Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders through a haunted house.

• Chick Ludwig of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS learns that Chad Javon Ocho Cinco Johnson Esq. actually fulfilled his promised and kissed the star in Dallas - the star being his head coach Marvin Lewis.

• LAKERS NATION dribbles along word from the Big Cactus himself that it’s all cool between Shaq & Kobe.

• To celebrate the release of their new album, Oasis makes a tour stop at’s college football Bottom 10 list.

• 850 THE BUZZ hears UNC coach Butch Davis may break out the navy uniforms against Notre Dame this weekend. (Hey, it worked last year.)

• The DETROIT FREE PRESS is pleased that the Michigan Wolverines have a Greg Oden to call their own - except that he plays football.

• The RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH reports that a Washington & Lee University receiver is gaining a cult following, complete with clever shirt mocking Keyshawn & Ocho Cinco.