Blog Jam: Kerry Wood Caught In A Flippant Mood

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS flips through the channels, and finds FOX cameras catching the Cubs’ Kerry Wood flipping the bird in the bullpen.

Kerry Wood flipoff

Wood really shouldn’t be doing that - such hand gestures might land Kerry right back on the DL.

Stephanie Stradley of AOL FANHOUSE floats along rumors of Cedric Benson joining up with the Houston Texans.

• DEADSPIN discovers that Kevin Love is well-versed in the Cheez Doodle aura of Stephen A. Smith heckling.

• WITH LEATHER turns green at the news that this year’s Olympic sailing competition is threatened by algae.

• This video toys around with the highlights of the Euro 2008 Final.

Shaq’s not the only one to rip Kobe via rap, as STUDIO FRED ponders how it would be done if the mic was in the hands of Kobe’s Colorado rape accuser (some language NSFW).

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING presents how NOT to block a David Beckham kick. That looks about as painful as having your SUV seat warmer malfunction.

• BLEACHER REPORT listens in on what they don’t expect to hear during the 2008 college football season.