Blog Jam: Cuban’s Got The Skillz To Pay The Billz

  • Mark Cuban has reportedly bid $1.3 billion for the pleasure of calling the urinal troughs of Wrigley Field his own. AOL FANHOUSE has the story.

Mark Cuban South Park smaller version

  • ESPN.COM is reporting that Brett Favre has turned his back on $20 million in walking-away-money and is headed to Packers camp. We’ll all be much better off when this finally resolves itself.
  • THE BIG LEAD tries to wrap its head around Paul “The Greatest Player In The World” Pierce’s strange run-in with the cops last night.

  • The NL West might not only be the worst division in baseball this year, they might be one of the worst of all time. SFGATE looks at the division’s historical ineptitude.
  • FOX NEWS reports that an Arkansas man has bought a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card for $1.6 million. No word on if it came with gum.

Honus Wagner 1909 card

  • THE FROZEN TUNDRA has 5 stories from Packers camp that have been buried by the never-ending (God! Please end!) Favre saga.
  • In real sports: Judah Clottey defeats Zab Judah to win IBF welterweight belt. DEADSPIN is on the scene with complete analysis.

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