Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: We Compete to the Pain!

Come See the Violence Inherent in the System!

Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa tangle their motorcycles in Grand Prix practice. FANHOUSE shows us that Pedrosa found out what happens when you try to probe The Doctor from behind: you turn your own bike and cough.

• UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL points out there’s only one thing worse than having a curiously organized mob looking to hurt you for calling penalties against a popular and well-connected Italian soccer team: looking like the referee that called penalties against a popular and well-connected Italian soccer team when the mob walks by.

Famous People Notice Me, So I Am

• THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER notes the obvious combination of John Legend, Raven-Symone, and Snoop Dogg as guests of WrestleMania XXIV.

(By the way, how does John Legend move from an Obama rally to a McCartney/Jackson duet with Stephen Colbert to WrestleMania while creating music with Kanye West that old and young love equally? Did he steal Wil Smith’s magic “everybody loves me” amulet just before “I Am Legend” started filming and became Legend? Read the Time-Life series to find out.)

• When Georgetown plays Louisville, the stars come out and D.C. SPORTS BOG is there. Condi Rice is the Ashley Judd of Stanford, but even she can’t resist the opportunity to meet the bulldog.

The Georgetown mascot and a real bulldog

Reader’s Digest is Considering Publishing Two of My Jokes

• The all-seeing eye of BUGS AND CRANKS spots Adam Dunn trying to make Jay Bruce cry with a practical joke and nearly succeeding.

• What if your team doesn’t have a 1-2 punch in its starting rotation? LOOKOUT LANDING suggests creating your own paradigm. Example: Hamels/Myers: 1-2 gang ambush”

Nolan Ryan is a hypocrite and HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS calls him on it. Care to talk to Congress about your own drug problem, Nolan?

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