Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Oh, the Mascot Carnage!

10,000 TAKES delivers the goods: mascot-referee violence in hockey.

• REUTERS alerts us that India’s Olympic air weapon competitors are so angry that they could shoot somebody. Fortunately for all involved, they’re angry because they’re out of ammo.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE points out that Seattle’s still a little pissy (and spitty) about the results of their last Super Bowl. Steelers fans should hire personal tasters.

• THE BIZ OF BASEBALL discovers the Boston Red Sox openly support organized gambling in the form of Massachusetts lottery scratch tickets.

• We wish the best to Doug Davis, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He’ll keep pitching until his April 10th surgery.

The NCAA Hall of Champions is closed during the NCAA Men’s and Women’s tourneys, according to THERMOCASTER. Nice timing as usual, NCAA.

NCAA Hall of Champions closed

• FUTON REPORT discovers an unusual disconnect between faith and truth in Tigers camp.

A totally and completely true tale (in all the ways that matter, anyway) of a Stanford walk-on comes to us from YOUR FACE IS A SPORTS BLOG.