Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Let’s Get It On (Later)

• DEADSPIN tells us about the marriage of the year (if the year was 1982): Chris Evert and Greg Norman.

Chris Evert Greg Norman wedding

• We now know how to tell if she’s got real ones or fake ones. Unfortunately, it involves NFL jerseys. Still, good to know.

David Stern shaking hands == Tiger Woods giving high-fives.

• We’re so glad to hear Enrique Iglesias can find work. Over there. Not here. Singing the Euro 2008 official song. We assume that the Euro 2008 official song is “National Team in a Coma” in honor of England’s inability to attend.
• When you think NASCAR, you think “biofeedback couch“.


• Parts one and two of an interview by the RINGS blog of the NEW YORK TIMES with a key member of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Considering how hard we Pound them on a near-daily basis, consider this equal time.

• The AJC has a chart of every edition of the University of Georgia bulldog mascot, UGA. We point it out to note that someone was employed to document the lives of a few dogs as part of the sports section of a major regional daily newspaper. A life of glamour, this sportswriting, non?

• Mud wresting + soccer - women = pointless?

• BY KEN LEVINE closes us out by bringing back old “Cheers” memories: Sam Malone, sportscaster. Ken would know from athlete-turned-lousy-sportscasters; he is not only a TV writer (including “Cheers”) but also a sports talk radio host and former play-by-play man.