Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Gimme Starting Pitcher

Jason Taylor will play for the Dolphins next year if they can’t trade him. He’s… he’s just so brave, y’know? He makes us just want to link our little hearts out. And so we shall.

An Angels fan robs a bank in Albany, NY. Clearly, he thought he was in New York City.

Angels in the bank robbery

• We were sufficiently creeped out by THE FIGHTINS’ tribute to a young Philly. Congrats, gentlemen!

Young Philly

Strychnine as a performance enhancer. We assume it’s administered to the other competitors.

• A fascinating example of the nasty Beijing smog against the backdrop of the newest Olympic stadium brought to us by the REUTERS ENVIRONMENT blog. Man, Christine Brennan is so screwed.

• Speaking of obfuscation in China, major Olympic sponsors have been pouring cash into relief efforts in China following the earthquake after receiving grief for not doing so. We’re sure it’s out of the kindness of Ronald McDonald’s striped heart.

• WIRED delivers Grade A feature-length analysis of the Formula One cheating mess between McLaren and Ferrari. Now we must ask: why is WIRED giving us this story? Did SPORTS ILLUSTRATED stop publishing?

• Heh. “Tube steak.”

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