Blog Catcher: Stanley Cup Final Starts Tonight

  • HOT CELEBS HOME has Heroes star Hayden Panettiere posing with the Stanley Cup. The NBC exec that thought of this photo shoot deserves a raise.

Hayden Panettiere Stanley Cup

  • FAN IQ has a preview of the Stanley Cup Final, so you can figure out why they have all those lines on the ice.
  • If you’re looking for a definitive hockey blog, PUCK DADDY might be a good first stop.
  • WALKOFF WALK knows what was troubling Mickey Mantle all these years. Yes, it’s baseball, but it’s awesomely horrible. Or horribly awesome. One of those.
  • Holy crap, Eric McErlain. You’re really going to live-blog Game One over at FANHOUSE? Really?
  • Jeremy Roenick will be back in San Jose next year, and MELT YOUR FACE OFF shares how that deal went down.