Blog-A-Roni: Super Bowl Partying For Fun & Profit

• BUSTED COVERAGE looks over one piece of eye candy hoping to make a hefty profit attending this year’s Super Bowl parties.

Super Bowl party girl in toilet

• DEADSPIN’s Will Leitch could use the lovely lady above as his ticket into some Super shindigs of his own.

• MJD of YAHOO! SPORTS gives the over/under on how many ridiculous Big Game bets can be squeezed into one blog post.

• STRIKE ZONES AND END ZONES snaps a shot of a young Bill Belichick learning the coaching ropes in his short shorts.

Bill Belichick Giants short shorts

• JOE SPORTS FAN howls at the testimony of other victims of the Giant lamb castrator.

• ANDRE TIPPET: SUPER HERO reads up on the Patriots tempting fate, as a book about New England’s not-yet 19-0 season is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

• WOMEN’S TENNIS BLOG has a chat with Aussie Open champ Maria Sharapova about her dear ol’ mom.

Maria Sharapova shout

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE bounces along video of the next great international trampoline star.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS takes a step back, as Randy Moss’ restraining order is extended.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS barks up news that Michael Vick’s (surviving) pitbulls are up for adoption.

Michael Vick Dog

• DABEARZ.COM learns that the Pats coach is becoming best buddies with Urban Meyer.

• Gregg Doyel of CBS SPORTS still believes the Chargers got the better end of the deal in the trade that sent Eli Manning to the Giants.