Blog-A-Roni: Shaq Says Bill Broke ‘Big Man Code’

WITH LEATHER, via AOL FANOUSE, uploads video of Shaq calling out Bill Walton for breaking the “Big Man Code”:

• RANDBALL asks that we all hail Wally Szczerbiak’s new son, Maximus.

• THE 700 LEVEL finally found a reason to show up for a Sixers game - a Mr. Potatohead giveaway!

• The PROVO (UT) DAILY HERALD learns why a prized BYU recruit changed his mind and signed with USC - the Song Girls will be waiting for him after his Mormon mission.

USC cheerleader trainer

• eGOSSIP spills the news that Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson made top billing on Forbes’ “most-influential couples” list.

• YARDBARKER smells Oscar, as Cris Collinsworth will be crying in a new Will Ferrell movie. (Which is what we usually do when we hear Will’s doing another film.)

• WALK OFF BALK discovers Ryan Dempster predicting a World Series for the Cubs this year:

Ryan Dempster Chicago Cubs

This is the funniest thing we heard from Ryan since his Harry Caray impression.

• The JACKSON (TN) SUN reports that Peyton Manning will finally get to live out a life-long dream: To be the guest speaker at the Jackson-Madison County Sports Hall of Fame banquet.

• COLLEGE HOOPS JOURNAL takes a shot at their choices for worst b-ball announcers.

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