Blog-A-Roni: Mike Patrick Is At A Loss For Words

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING is speechless, as Mike Patrick can’t think of the right thing to say (check about 36 seconds in):

• BOILED SPORTS gets their temperature rising with another Erin Andrews sighting.

• HOME RUN DERBY tosses along this hit-by-pitch video gallery.

• BUSTED COVERAGE has no problems with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders skating at a minor league hockey game in Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders skating

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT cues up video of the Aussies making billiards more exciting.

• WOMENS TENNIS BLOG serves up news that Justine Henin didn’t appreciate the Aussie Open throat-slash gesture from Maria Sharapova’s dad.

• Just because ESPN has taken away Chris Berman’s off-air tirades, doesn’t mean there isn’t more video fun to be had with Boomer:

• MR. IRRELEVANT comes up with a new nickname for Duke suppoter Dickie V - Douchebag Smurf.

• THE ANGRY T mails out some sports-related Valentines.

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