Blog-A-Roni: Get Shloshed on Schembechler Wine

• USA TODAY’S GAME ON drinks in the news that a new wine will be sold named in honor of the late Bo Schembechler.

Bo Schembechler

• BRAHSOME hits the reset button, as the new “Blitz II: The League” football video game will feature the talents of Frank Caliendo & Jay Mohr.

• WALKOFF WALK didn’t realize how dangerous shaving cream pie tosses could be. Just ask White Sox catcher Toby Hall.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK doesn’t want to be a snitch, but right before training camp, new Titan Alge Crumpler stopped by the prison to visit Michael Vick.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING looks for their earplugs, as Sterling Sharpe is going to get his chance to do play-by-play.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY can understand how Indiana QB Kellen Lewis could confuse Bloomington with Los Angeles.

• THE ZONE BLITZ thinks Brett Favre should hope that his joining the Jets will go as well as Joe Montana coming to the Chiefs.

• Bill Williamson of ESPN’s NFL NATION truly believes that Jay Cutler is closer to pro success than Vince Young or Matt Leinart.

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