Blog-A-Roni: Crazy Berman Videos Are Still Online

BOSTON SPORTZ blows off the Boys from Bristol, as those crazy, kooky Chris Berman videos are still alive online.

Chris Berman explodes on-set at ESPN

If Shaq’s going to use “The Big Cactus”, CNBC’s Darren Rovell would like his 15%, please.

THE OKLAHOMAN notes that Arkansas State’s basketball team seems to be hard up on Dickeys.

Crikey! WISN-TV in Milwaukee reports that the Aussie family who moved to Green Bay to follow the Packers are now back Down Under.

FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE keeps their curtains closed, since “Buddy’s Watching You“:

THE ANGRY T uncovers a streaker trotting around at horse race.

In preparation for Euro 2008, Switzerland wants its citizens to put down the chocolate & cheese and get in shape.

I’M WRITING SPORTS wonders if Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens would be forgiven if they just apologize.

PRAY FOR MOJO finds Joe Torre channeling his inner Al Bundy.

Joe Torre hands in pants

THE FOOTBALL WIRE questions if Darren McFadden’s draft status is overrated.

MONEY PLAYERS digs through the dirt with current-day college sports muckrakers.

THE SPORTS POINT trades down to get an Al Pedrique baseball card.

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