Blasberg’s Dad: Erica “Missed Having a Boyfriend”

The Henderson, NV police investigation into the death of Erica Blasberg has thus far been airtight. When was the last time the tabloids and the usual news channel suspects got completely shutout of a murder mystery involving someone like Blasberg? (Attractive blonde female, pro athlete.)

Henderson Police Chief Jutta Chambers And Nancy Grace And Erica Blasberg

(Henderson Police Chief Chambers Has Thwarted Grace’s Tab TV)

If there were leaks coming from Henderson Police Chief Jutta Chambers or others within the department, Blasberg’s death would be the lead for the tabs and news channels for months. Without leaks, it’s back to Charlie Sheen and the latest trailer park intrigue.

Of course, that all could change before I finish writing this post. And it isn’t like HLN’s Nancy Grace isn’t trying horn in on the story. Last week Grace led off her coverage about Blasberg by saying the golfer was, possibly smothered to death in the bedroom of her desert home.

Despite admittedly no inside intel, Grace repeated that assertion multiple times during her show last Wednesday. (1:28) Though knowing what we currently know from the police, Blasberg’s father Mel and Erica’s caddy Missy Pederson, Grace’s guess is a reasonable one.

Understandably, Mel Blasberg has been all over the map in his comments about his sadly departed daughter. Though his comments are all we have to go on when it comes to Erica’s latest state of mind.

To that end, Mel has made a couple comments that haven’t been widely reported that might give insight to what led to Erica’s untimely demise.

KNTV in Vegas had this from Mel last week:

Her dad tells Action News reporter Blake McCoy that Las Vegas had become a “bad influence” and a “distraction,” and she was considering moving back home to California.

And this from David Wharton of the L.A. TIMES:

“The thing Erica told me, I think what she really missed out there was having a boyfriend that was very close, that she could turn to after having a bad round,” Mel said. “I think she was searching for that.”

While Mel has maintained that Erica seemed upbeat in the weeks before her tragic death, the above comments may suggest otherwise.

Blind speculation aside, the 911 call is likely a critical element to the Henderson Police investigation. Local authorities have, to their credit, gone to extraordinary measures to keep the call from being released to the public. What that indicates is anyone’s guess, but if it wasn’t integral to the cause of Erica’s death, wouldn’t it have been released to the media by now?

As far as I’m concerned, police investigators can hold that call as long as they want so long as it helps them get to the bottom of what was going on the night of Erica Blasberg’s death.