Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend Is Absolutely Unreal

In the past few weeks, various websites and blogs have been reporting on Blake Griffin’s new girlfriend, a student at USC named Jasmine Shein.

Jasmine Shein not Blake Griffin's girlfriend


Griffin and Jasmine Shein were first linked by a sports blog called on Dec. 22 of last year with this post:

This is Blake Griffin’s new girlfriend Jasmine Shein. The two met each other in LA, where Jasmine is a student at USC.

All reports tell us that these two actually met on facebook and have been seeing each other in LA for a few months.

The post by the obscure site elicited no reaction across the web. That changed though thanks to a subsequent entry on a notorious sports gossip website.

On Dec. 23, the day after the first post about Griffin and Jasmine Shein at, this was posted on the site where sports gossip goes to putrefy,

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 23 Dec 2010 03:07:43 GMT
He has been dating Jasmine Shein for months.

Blake Griffin Girlfriend

From the above post, the words “Blake Griffin Girlfriend” were linked to the original post.

That page is now the first result of a google search for “Blake Griffin Girlfriend”, with five of the first seven google search results being website postings about Griffin and Jasmine Shein. has long been the cesspool of sports gossip websites. It’s a place where site visitors eternally throw virtual poo at each other - when they’re not spreading spurious claims about the dating habits of pro athletes. Despite that dubious reputation, is also the primary source for many highly-trafficked websites, including

Sure enough, a few days after the posting about Griffin and Jasmine Shein at, a post blared:


January 04, 2011. NBA superstar Blanke Griffin is probably the HOTTEST YOUNG talent in the league. Too bad he’s OFF THE MARKET.

According to a TRUSTED SNITCH, he’s started dating a young lady while at USC named JASMINE. And they’re pretty serious now.

The “trusted snitch” was the post, which was linked to the obscure post. Once well-trafficked posted about Griffin and Jasmine Shein, a host of other blogs and sites regurgitated the story about the couple.

Because some of the sites reporting the news are part of larger blog networks affiliated with main media outlets, the information about Griffin and Jasmine Shein ended up on legitimate sites like TNT’s NBA website.

TNT website published bogus Jasmine Shein report

Currently, a google search of “Jasmine Shein” yields 463,000 results, including a personal Facebook page with nearly 2,000 friends.

From my 11 years watching stories on the web germinate in real-time I can confirm, from the above background, it’s almost a certainty that at some point in the future a major media outlet will report Jasmine Shein as Blake Griffin’s girlfriend.

That hasn’t happened, which is a good thing, since Jasmine Shein isn’t Blake Griffin’s girlfriend.

The Jasmine Shein Facebook page is fake and there’s no Jasmine Shein enrolled at USC.

Jasmine Shein not a USC student

Oh, and have I shown you the playerseason Facebook page?

playerseason facebook page

Hrrm, seems oddly familiar.

It appears there’s a distinct possibility that “Jasmine Shein” is merely a figment of the imagination of the proprietor of the website.

First the Facebook account was created with poached photos. Then came the post. Then the entry on the “Blake Griffin Girlfriend” page at Once continued the con in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors, the “Jasmine Shein” fraud was complete for all eternity.

And I do mean forever.

As Griffin’s fame increases, so will web searches for “Blake Griffin Girlfriend”, which will lead to the posts with the fraudulent info.

Pretty slick trick, turning a fake girlfriend into the real thing for an L.A. Clipper in just a few weeks.

Donald Sterling’s been trying for years.

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