Blake Griffin Kicks Career Off With Shoulder Injury

Blake Griffin may or may not be a Hall of Famer by the time his career is over (believe it or not, we’re calling it “too early to tell” right now), but dude is just a horse of a ballplayer. Simply by the force of will, he should be able to be productive in the NBA for a while.

Blake Griffin Smiling
(Why are you smiling? You do know that jersey’s made of kryptonite, asbestos, and smallpox, right?)

Oh, wait, that’s right; Griffin is a Clipper now, and Clippers lose. It’s an immutable law of basketball.┬áSo scratch all of the first paragraph and replace it with “Blake Griffin is about to either die or wish he was dead.” To wit, the big man’s already injured, and it’s not just a hangnail.

L.A. TIMES, tell the man what he’s won!

The team issued a release Wednesday saying the power forward suffered a strained right shoulder and will be resting for three to four weeks.

This means Griffin, the No. 1 overall draft pick, will miss the USA Basketball national team mini-camp in Las Vegas.

What’s that? You don’t believe this is a machination of the Clippers Curse that Bill Simmons famously wrote about last month? You fool. Even the Times openly acknowledges it; this was their lede:

Blake Griffin hasn’t been a Clipper for long . . . but long enough, apparently.


Griffin’s fortunate, if you can call it that, that the injury happened in the summer, long before the opening tip of the season (you know what’s even more fortunate than that? Not getting injured! And not playing for the Clippers!).

While shoulder injuries are tricky - and especially bad news for basketball players, who kind of need healthy arms - there’s virtually no chance that Griffin will be rushed back into action before his shoulder’s fully healed.

Yep, he’s going to get back to 100%, get back to work, play all 82 games, and have a decent, productive rookie season. Nothing else will go horrendously wrong. Noooo way.