Blackhawks Spellbound By Favorite Son Aykroyd

Last Friday Dan Aykroyd dropped the ceremonial first puck for the Blackhawks-Devils game at United Center.

Dan Aykroyd's Jersey Name Misspelled By Chicago Blackhawks

(From UNI WATCH BLOG, of course)


Aykroyd, wearing his trademark black sunglasses, arrived at the United Center driving the Blues Mobile from the movie “Blues Brothers.”

“I imagined Johnny [Belushi] sitting next to me on those cold nights in Harvey, Ill.,” Aykroyd said of a location of filming for “Blues Brothers” in 1980.

Yeah, the Hawks had a little trouble with the spelling of the actor’s last name that night. But it’s just as well, considering Aykroyd isn’t from Chicago or a Blackhawks fan for that matter.

The Ottawa native, who played Elwood Blues in that movie and was nominated for an Academy Award for “Driving Miss Daisy” in 1989, said he’s a big hockey fan, with the Montreal Canadiens his favorite NHL team.

“But not tonight,” Aykroyd said. “And I have no allegiance to the New Jersey Devils. They’re a hot team. They are right up near the division top, and so are the Blackhawks. It’s going to be a very nice night of hockey.”

I wish I could say dragging out a fake fan to drop the first puck was an original idea, but the Flyers were way out front on that one.

Sarah Palin Flyers Puck Drop

Right Sarah?