UAB Coach-Designed Unis: Black On Back Crime

The UAB basketball team recently unveiled its brand-new, main road uniforms in a game against Middle Tennessee last week.

UAB uniforms

Wondering who was responsible for such an artistic triumph? Nike? Under Armour?

UAB Jerseys

You’re close.

UAB assistant coach Donnie Marsh.

Marsh’s jerseys included black numbers on UAB’s dark green jersey. Once the Blazers began to sweat, the numbers were impossible to see. Thankfully, Marsh opened a window into his genius with a blog entry about the new look last Thursday. Excerpts:

I normally don’t blog this close to a previous one but something told me today would be a pretty good day to do one.

We were able to finish off MTSU last night which is a good thing and makes this team 2-0 heading out to Arizona State this weekend. But it seems less of the talk is about the win than it is about the uniforms.

I would estimate that about 30 seconds after the first “congratulations”, came the comment, “my phone was blowing up about the uniforms”.

Comments ranging from “it’s hard to see the numbers once the guys start sweating” (which helps with teams trying to scout us on tape by the way), to “what’s U2B”?

I want to make it clear that I am the one responsible for the design of our uniforms and any complaints should be directed in my direction.

I lived by a phrase when I played that said, “You’ll never be a hero if you’re afraid to be the goat”.

That meant as a player I was always comfortable taking the big shot in a game or trying to make the game winning play, because I could live with making that shot or missing it. More times than not, I hit it, but no one hits them all.

I guess this is one of those times that I missed. The players loved them, but I certainly don’t want uniforms to be the topic of conversation all season, especially when our guys play as hard as they did last night.

One of our slogans this year is “no excuses” and I won’t make one for the uniforms. I guess I went a little too “Phil Knight” this time.

At any rate, please don’t blame anyone else. This one stops at my feet. But trust me, the uniforms won’t dictate our effort.


Except for explaining why an assistant coach is designing UAB’s uniforms, why the jerseys were approved by the school and the league and what the team plans to do about the problem, Marsh cleared things up.

UAB Uniforms

The school has since announced that the team will wear old jerseys on the road until a gold outline can be added around the dark numbers on the current jerseys.