Black Blogger Has Serious Doubts About ESPNs Coverage Of Vick Dogfighting Story

BLOG - VICK DOGGED BY ESPN’S “WEASEL-LIKE” COVERAGE: Gregory Kane of has serious questions about ESPN’s coverage of Michael Vick’s involvment in dogfighting.

Michael Vick

Kane: “We have it from that unimpeachable news source, ESPN, that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is ‘one of the heavyweights’ in the crime known as dogfighting. Oh, the folks at ESPN didn’t say it outright, of course. They’re much too slick for that. Weasel-like, they just slyly implied it.

Kane doesn’t make that statement in flippant fashion, citing an ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION report that as “producers ran a segment in which ‘they showed footage of actual dogfights. They juxtaposed it with words and images of Vick.’

Michael Vick

That was followed by an interview with an unidentified informant, who fingered Vick “as an active and eager participant who raised fighting dogs, fought dogs and gambled on dogs.

Kane: “Oh, a confidential informant. Someone trustworthy, of reliable credibility and character, right?”

OK, I’m with most of you in that I think Vick is guilty as sin, but it is important to not discount dissent in this case and all cases. And it would be something if Kane turned out to be right.