B.J. Upton: Philadelphia Fans Are Just Unbearable

B.J. Upton isn’t exactly the biggest role model out there — just check his rap sheet and you can tell that’s he’s not a full-time model citizen — but he is a notable resident of Tampa Bay. It was in that capacity that he spoke with Florida radio station 97-X about Sunday’s Super Bowl, and Upton didn’t mince words about how he was awfully glad the Eagles aren’t going to be there.

bj upton golf devil rays
(B.J. was just trying to raise hype for his charity golf tourney. Oops.)

BUGS & CRANKS comes through with the video, which you can also watch after the jump, in which Upton dishes as much about his own golf tournament and recovering from surgery to repair a torn posterior-labrum as he does on trashing Philly fans. Needless to say, that doesn’t stop dumping on the city of Brotherly Love from making the highlights.

Here’s what he told the station’s morning show:

Radio Host: “Aren’t Philly fans the worst?”

B.J. Upton: “They’re pretty rough. I’m happy the Eagles aren’t here at the Super Bowl, I’ll tell you that much.”

Radio Host: “You sure that, depending on what fans are saying, you don’t occasionally want to run up in the stands and choke somebody out?”

B.J. Upton: “(Laughing) Maybe once in a while. It depends what they’re saying.”

It’s worth noting that Upton reportedly grew up as a Steelers fan, so that might explain why he’s not about to big-up Philly. And he doesn’t go so far as to throw Donovan McNabb directly under the bus, though he does pimp both the Lightning and Buccaneers later in the video.

However, what Upton may not have realized is that the Rays don’t wait very long to play back in Philadelphia: the two teams have a preseason finale face off the two days before Opening Day, which means Upton has less than two months before putting himself right back out in battery-tossing range of the Philly faithful. Maybe it wasn’t the safest time to play the classless card on Phillies and Eagles fans, huh B.J.?