‘Bizarre’ Isiah ‘Shouts’ At Tulsa Coach During Loss

Jeff Latzke of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports on behavior from Isiah Thomas during FIU’s 81-49 loss at Tulsa today that was characterized by Golden Hurricane coach Doug Wojcik as “bizarre.”

Isiah Thomas Yelled At Tulsa Coach During Blowout

Midway through the second half of Florida International’s 81-49 loss at Tulsa on Sunday, Thomas motioned toward his counterpart as if to ask when he’d take his starters out. A few minutes later, he got vocal with his request, shouting a few words in the direction of Golden Hurricane coach Doug Wojcik. At that point, FIU (0-3) was down 63-25 with 8:59 to play after being outscored 27-5 to start the second half.

Wojcik was surprised and perplexed at Thomas’ inappropriate actions, to say the least.

It’s a 40-minute game. If you want the truth of it, go back to the (North) Carolina game Monday night, when Carolina was pressing them with 3 minutes left,” Wojcik said, referring to FIU’s 88-72 loss at North Carolina. “I don’t press, and I don’t embarrass anybody. But it’s a 40-minute game, and I’m in this game to get better.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. It was very bizarre.”

Because Wojcik had only eight scholarship players available for the game, he said, “There’s 10 minutes left in the game and, to be honest with you, I only have so many guys.

At one point, Wojcik shrugged his shoulders when confronted by Thomas as the Tulsa coach was putting a starter back in the game in the second half.

Thomas, claiming his team had a flight to catch, dodged the issue from reporters.

“I just thought that, again, this is a very good basketball team. We weren’t as good as we would have liked to have been, and they were really good,” Thomas said before heading toward the door.

Case you missed it, Tulsa was playing with eight scholarship players. Thomas may be the only person alive, besides blood relatives of the Golden Hurricane players, who would classify Tulsa as a “very good basketball team.”

After Thomas’ placid reax to some nasty hazing from Monmouth fans Friday night, I thought that perhaps his transition to college coach would perhaps go on without incident.

Obviously, I was wrong. Can’t wait for his next game.